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About US


International Development Support and Consulting

International Development Support & consulting (IDSC) is registered development
consultancy (Number 24851) established in 2007 by a dynamic team with extensive
experience in development as a response to foreseen growing demand for creative
solutions to diverse community challenges.

     Listening to people’s demands and leveraging their will of addressing the existing challenges in our societies is the core base of our work.

Over the past seven years IDSC has provided creative developmental solutions and consultancy missions primarily focusing on integrated development and multi-input operations that involve social, economic and political integrated initiatives.

In addition it has undertaken a number of consultancy missions to evaluate, review, design and develop projects and programmes that address community-based challenges in the field of health, gender, child labour, peacebuilding, education, socioeconomic, citizenship and democraticdevelopment.

Our Director

“Sustainable development solutions must be set within a context of respect for fundamental rights, gender mainstreaming and peaceful coexistence. That it may then become a powerful vehicle for democratisation.”

Maged Hosny, CEO