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Our Scope of Work

Social Development

Contributing to the reduction of poverty by improving provided services, raising awareness and building capacities, more specifically IDSC work within this area on three components:
1) Education and Literacy
2) Health
3) Civil society organizations support and capacity building.
This area of work is mandated to ensure the availability of educated, skilled, healthy and productive human resources that efficiently contribute to the local and regional development.

Economic Development

Promoting demand for labour and labour absorption in the local and national economy through employment, social protection, developing Professional attitudes, technical vocational skills of community structures and individuals and improving the economic security of vulnerable households with special focus on women.

Peace building and Citizenship

Working toward peaceful coexistence, creating community-based peacebuilders with the capacities to address/transform conflict in a nonviolence way, by building the capacities of youth, social, and political activists on peace, conflict transformation, diversity , human rights, intercultural dialogue, gender and democratic development.
All the three areas of interventions are interrelated and directly linked to each other as well as to other areas of interventions such as culture, heritage and media.
With this understanding IDSC always adapts a holistic approach during the designing and the implementation
of its activities/services on the ground, to only to achieve the expected result but also to contribute in promoting the holistic understanding of sustainable development on local and regional levels.